Varidesk Pro Plus Height-Adjustable Standing Desks


The human body was designed to move, but over the years we’ve been moving less and sitting more. Sitting has become our new way of life, and collectively, we’re starting to pay for it. We are out of balance, so if sitting is the problem, is standing the solution? Actually, it’s more than that. It’s finding a balance.

Say hello to Varidesk. The simple, height-adjustable sit-stand solution. Unlike other standing desks that can be clunky, non-adjustable, and complicated, Varidesk’s simple design takes you from sitting to standing in just 3 seconds, requires no assembly and works with your existing furniture. It’s as simple as that.

At Varidesk, simplicity is at our core. We’ve built our business around it. We simplified the online store, streamlined the customer service process, and even made it easy on your schedule because unlike others, Varidesk is always in stock. No back ordering. No lag time.

Basically, we’ve done everything we could think of to make it as easy as possible for you to stand up and take your work to the next level, and if we’re asking you to stand behind Varidesk, we have to as well. That’s why we offer a 30-day no risk guarantee. If you don’t love your Varidesk, simply return it within 30 days.

By removing the obstacles that keep you from living a healthy lifestyle at work, Varidesk allows you to create an active office, where the balance between health and productivity is literally right at your fingertips. Varidesk combines innovation with ease, offering simple and effective alternatives to traditional work spaces because at Varidesk we believe movement leads to momentum.

Varidesk Pro Plus Series

Say hello to the Pro Plus series. It features a 2-tier design with an upper display surface for monitors and assessors and a lower keyboard and mouse deck. The fixed keyboard deck raises and lowers along with the display surface for maximize convenience and ergonomic comfort.

The Varidesk Pro Plus comes in 3 sizes. Pro Plus 30 for single monitor setups. Pro plus 36 for dual monitors and Pro Plus 48 for multiple monitors and extra hardware. Each model in the series features 11 different height adjustments, a dual handle design, and a spring loaded boost mechanism that let’s you raise and lower your Varidesk with no sweat. Up and down in just 3 seconds.

The Pro Plus 36 and 48 are also available in white. Like all our desktop models, the Pro Plus series comes fully assembled and let’s you turn your current desk into a height-adjustable desk in just minutes. Thanks to the heavy-weighted base, Varidesk stays sturdy and stable at any height with no installation required. The Varidesk Pro Plus series work elevated.

Varidesk Pro Plus 36

varidesk-standing-desk-pro-plus-36Varidesk Pro Plus 36 : Say hello to the Pro Plus 36, our most popular Varidesk model. Users love the two-tier design that features an upper display surface for monitors and a lower keyboard and mouse deck. It’s 36 inches wide, so if you work with two monitors, the Pro Plus is the perfect size for you.

You’ll get ergonomic comfort plus plenty of room to spread out. You’ll also love how easy it is to use. The Pro Plus has 11 different height adjustments. A dual-handle design that puts almost effortless operation at your fingertips, and a spring loaded boost mechanism that lets you raise and lower up to 35lbs with no sweat, up and down in just three seconds. Like all Varidesk models, the Pro Plus comes fully assembled and sits on top of of your existing furniture. Thanks to the heavy weighted base, it stays sturdy and stable at any height with no installation required.

Visit to find the Varidesk that’s right for you. Varidesk, work elevated.

Varidesk Cube Corner Series

The Varidesk cube corner 48. It’s 48 inches wide, 3.3 inches deep, and specifically designed to fit perfectly into corner systems and cubicles.

It features an upper display surface that’s big enough for dual monitors, and the lower keyboard and mouse deck that can also hold paperwork and other gear.

The cube corner 48 comes fully assembled, so it’s ready to use right out of the box. Just place it on top of your existing furniture, and you’re ready to work.

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