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Why a Standing Desk?

For many of us working means sitting and sitting all day is far from healthy. You do what you can when you can, but your desk is where stuff gets done and now it can do something for you with the help of A standing desk.

Our story is a simple as the design itself. What started as a way to ease on person’s back pain became an affordable well designed solution that’s making a difference around the world because with A standing desk it’s easy to find a balance between sitting and standing.

A simple routine that increases productivity, gives you energy, burns calories, even replaces that afternoon cup of coffee. Sure there are pricey standing desks out there but putting furniture together isn’t in your job description.

So we designed a virtual solution that sits right on your desk. No screws, no tools, no assembly required and to this day we continue to dream up new ways to help you stay active in the office. Our goal, give you the ability to improve not just your work but yourself. To put your health at the top of the list not the end of the day. So get more done and feel better doing it with A standing desk. Why not check out our standing desk buyer’s guides and stand up desk reviews by brands like Veridesk.

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